Buying Rural Property

When it comes to buying rural property, many topics need to be considered that are not usually part of a typical residential purchase in the city or in a developed neighborhood.

Here are several topics to consider that are often part of buying rural properties:

1) Septic Tanks, connecting to sewer, garbage, and waste disposal.
2) Water rights, Wells, and Well Drilling.
3) Is the water quality drinkable? Water testing and filtration systems.
4) Property boundaries and surveying.
5) Driveways and easements, property access
6) Zoning, deeding, subdividing, lot partitioning.
7) Utility access – power, cable options
8) Rural financing, Land only financing, Finance packages for building a home on your property
9) Flood zones, flood insurance
10) Buying Raw Land vs. Existing House on property (Timber value, site development costs, etc.)

This may seem like a lot of extra ground to cover, but I want you to avoid costly mistakes, and get you the best deal possible, with the least headaches. Over the years I have dealt with all of these issues and I am happy to help you through to a successful transaction.

Kristen’s Story

During a tough market, Pat was patient and helpful while we searched for the right house in the right location. After many viewings and a handful of rejected offers, we were finally successful. I would recommend working with Pat.Kristen B.